Top 3 tactics for improving Search Engine Ranking

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Everyone is talking about SEO now. There are a number of ways to improve search engine rank of your website. Here are the top 3 tactics:

  • You will have to make sure that the site content is targeting the right keywords. You will have to understand what prospective customers may be looking for. You have to include these in your content creation. You can use a number of keyword research tools to come up with the relevant keywords for your website’s contents. Google Keyword Tool is used by most people.
  • Now you have to apply those keywords to your website and content. Your content on each page must use relevant keywords. You should use keywords in the title tag, text links, links between site pages, etc. Contents that are keyword rich are ranked higher in the search engines. You must also update your content regularly. The more new content you will add, the better will be your website ranking.
  • You must reach out other businesses which sale similar products or services like yours. Especially, target those with high Page Rank (PR) value. High PR value indicates that the website has very good quality links. These websites are likely to have very good links. You tell these businesses about your site and get links. This is known as bottom line recommendation for link building. This is a very effective tactic for improving your search engine ranking.

All these three tactics mentioned are very useful and effective. Try these out and you will find your website at a higher rank in no time!

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